Serving You Before, During and After Your Loan Closes

Prepare for a Loan

Although everything listed below may not be required for your pending loan, it is a good idea to be prepared in advance. Please collect the following information for our review.

  1. Contract of Sale ( purchase only)
  2. Photo ID
  3. Social Security Card
  4. Last 2 years w-2 forms
  5. Last 2 years Federal tax returns ( 1040's ) all schedules
  6. Last 2 months Bank statements
  7. Last retirement statement
  8. Homeowners Insurance declaration page ( refinance)
  9. Most recent mortgage statement ( refinance)
  10. Any other document that you believe to be vital in making a credit decision for you

While trying to obtain home financing please try and remember the following:

  1. Your credit score changes daily. If you buy something using credit it could affect your score in a negative manner. Mortgage lenders will run your credit again just prior to closing so once you begin the process try not to use credit.
  2. We are required to source every deposit into your bank accounts. Cash deposits are unacceptable as they can not be sourced. Please refrain from making any cash deposits into your bank account
  3. If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate, call your AMS Mortgage Representative. Asking realtors, sellers or attorneys questions in regard to your loan is like asking your Mortgage Company about a legal matter. We may know something about the Law but we aren't Lawyers, therefore we aren't experts on the Law. Ask the experts.