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AMS Mortgage Inc proudly serves the refinancing lending needs of real estate professionals, builders, and individual homebuyers. Refinancing a home mortgage can be a difficult decision for many homeowners. However, as the financial stability and situation change over time, you may need to re-think refinancing your mortgage and start looking for options.

AMS Mortgage Inc can help you with refinancing your mortgage to the lower rate possible. This can surely stop many of your financial worries as you may have already experienced:

There are several excellent chances that refinancing can help you save a lot; if your credit score is improved with time, you surely qualify for a better interest rate or if the mortgage rate falls after purchasing your home. As an experienced and licensed mortgage brokerage firm, we can work with you to understand your exact needs, goals and let you know the best suitable refinancing options based on your financial situation.

The Benefits of Mortgage Refinance:

  • Lower interest rates
  • Lock in fixed interest rates
  • A lower monthly mortgage payment
  • Shorter payoff term
  • Ability to cash out equity for other uses
  • Remove private mortgage insurance

Requirement for Mortgage Refinancing

Employment information: Two most recent pay stubs and two most recent w-2 forms.
Two most recent tax returns ( proof of self employment if self employed such as business license, proof of liability insurance)
Business income (if applicable): Business income federal tax return from past 2 years, business financial statements.
Asset information: Two most recent bank statements, two most recent investment or retirement income.
Credit information: The most recent mortgage statement, and most recent billing statement of other loan obtained.
Property information: Insurance policy information of homeowners.

The Process of Refinancing

The process of home refinancing is comparatively more straightforward with AMS Mortgage Inc,The first step of Refinancing is to contact AMS Mortgage Inc; we’ll assess your profile and help you evaluate and apply various home refinancing options.

Step Two includes locking in the interest rate to ensure it doesn’t change before the loan closes. The locking of the interest rates can last for 15 – 60 days based on a few factors such as your location, the specific lender, and loan type.

Step three is when the lender starts underwriting after the submissions of the refinancing application. This is the process of verifying all the information present in the refinancing application.

Step four includes a home appraisal. A home appraiser visits your property to get you an estimate of the present value of your home.

Step five is the time when you receive the Closing disclosure containing the final information about the loan.

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